Technical Training
• Introduction to AED concepts
• Aeronautical engineering
• Aeronautical applications
• Missiles, launchers, drones
• Space, satellites, space vehicles
• Navigation, positioning, location
• Aeronautical regulation - certification - quality control
• Automation, robotics, sensors
• Inertial sensors
• Informatic networks and systems
• Objectives of cybersecurity and strategic issues
• Intrusion tests, detection of vulnerable points
• Secure IT architectures and developments
• Regulations, methodologies and approval of information security systems
• Cyber crisis management
• Explosives and pyrotechnics
• Ballistics, gun powder and solid propellants
• Pyrotechnic safety
• Electromagnetic detection
• Telecommunications, transmissions
• Optronics, infrared, imaging
• Electronic warfare
• Electronic components and equipment, compatibility
• Electromagnetism, propagation, antennae, stealthness
• Fluid mechanics, acoustics
• Aerodynamics
• Thermodynamics, propellants, turbomachines
• Materials: technology, behaviour, fatigue, corrosion
• Structures : design, tests, certification
• Composite materials and structures : design, use
• Additive manufacturing for professionals
• Digital tools and methods
• Signal and data processing
• Fundamentals of engineering
• Design and cost management
• Maintenance and logistics
• Production flow, quality and time management
• Design of complex systems
• Reliability of systems
• Safety of systems, operational security
• Technology watch, information, ordering
• General concepts
• data acquisition
• Data valuation / data viz
• Data driven
• Data protection
• Project management for naval engineering
• Naval technologies
Cross Training
• Change management - Innovation
• Project management
• Risk management
• Projects and negotiations - International
• Communication techniques
• Management
Trainings ENSTA ParisTech & ISAE SUPAERO

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