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Additive manufacturing for professionals - 2020

Implementation processes of long-fiber thermosetting composites


The purpose of this training is to provide an overview of the manufacturing processes of long-fiber thermosetting composites and to apply the knowledge acquired to defining process parameters for the production of composite material parts.


The course lasts 4 days (28 hours).


This is an advanced course. The course will enable learners to gain knowledge of the implementation processes and the parameters affecting the process in order to define and optimize the manufacture of composite parts. The first part presents various manufacturing processes of long-fiber thermosetting composites with a view to selecting the most suitable.The second part presents the methods used to characterize the properties related to the use of the materials and the implementation of quality control.This course also involves the practical application of the simulation tools of the various processes using professional software and the production of composite parts by infusion and pre-preg.


Course level : Advanced

Target audience: Engineers, heads of design/research departments, production managers

This course is intended for engineers or technicians with knowledge of structural composite materials and their usage who wish to expand their knowledge of the manufacturing processes of these materials, whether for production or manufacturing design. 


Quentin GOVIGNON :

Lecturer at IMT Mines Albi.


  • Overview of implementation processes
    • Liquid channel processes (RTM, infusion, etc.)
    • Prepreg processes
    • Fiber placement processes
    • Process controls
    • Process and materials selection criteria
  • Characterization of materials for implementation
    • Characterization of reinforcement (compressibility, permeability, shaping)
    • Characterization of matrices (viscosity, thermal, reaction kinetics)
    • Quality control of composites (fiber content, degree of matrix crosslinking)
  • Process simulation with ESI Visual Composites software
    • Shaping (dry or pre-impregnated fabrics)
    • Injection/RTM
    • Cooking (liquid or pre-impregnated processes)
    • Process-induced distortions
  • Practical applications:
    • Production of a panel by infusion
    • Out of autoclave production of a pre-impregnated part
    • Exchange of experiences


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 8 to 11 december 2020


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2 380 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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