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Telecommunications, transmissions - 2021

Military satellite communications

market and technologies


The military satellite telecommunications market (MilSatCom) has grown exponentially over the past 15 years, sustained in part thanks to Middle Eastern conflicts.

The first part of the course offers learners an overview of the MilSatComs segments, its main players and future trends. Learners will then discover how to identify and scale the components of a military satellite network. The second part of the course will focus on MilSatCom technologies used to maintain Transmissions Security (TRANSEC) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Learners will be able to identify potential causes of signal interruption, recognize intentional interference cases, and select the most relevant technologies to ensure the integrity of their satellite communications.


The course lasts 2 days (12 hours).


Theoretical course illustrated with real cases, videos and practical examples from recent MilSatCom current affairs.


Course level: Advanced

Basic training in satellite-based telecommunications (signals, modulation, coding) is desirable to fully benefit from this course (graduate-level university or engineering school).


Jonathan GALL :

Satellite System Designer.


  • Characteristics of military missions
    • The military telecommunications market
    • MilSatCom Segments: protected communications, broadband, narrowband
    • MilSatCom acquisition plan: proprietary satellites, shared satellites (Condosat), purchase/lease of capacity, outsourcing
    • The constellations of military satellite worldwide: AEHF, MUOS, WGS, etc.
    • Prospects and future trends: acquisition schemes, Ku-band migration to Ka-band, constellations, high-speed satellites, drones (UAV)
    • Military communication systems (C4ISR)
    • Topology of satellite communication networks
    • Satellite: ground, space and control segments
    • Network Operations Center - description of subsystems
    • Military terminals
  • Disturbances - Jamming - Countermeasures
    • Definitions and terminology
    • Towards a militarized space
    • Disturbances and interceptions of SatCom links
    • Intentional jamming
    • Countermeasures
    • COMSEC and TRANSEC technologies: encryption, skip frequency, spread spectrum
    • Principles of satellite-based Geolocation


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE : March 31 to 1st April 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,050 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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