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Electronic components and equipment, compatibility - 2021

EMC design for equipment

Needs - Realization - Qualification


This training will bring to the auditors the knowledge and the understanding of the EMC rules in order to design, realize and validate systems and products. This course will allow them to react successfully in front of functional and normative requirements of electromagnetic compatibility.


The training course lasts 5 days (29 hours) and contains:

  • 12 general and theoretical presentations of 1h30 
  • 2 testimonies (3h)
  • 1 design office (case study)
  • 1 presentation of materials and practical solutions (2h)


The necessity of taking into account always more severe electromagnetic environments as well as the emergence of new EMC European directives (application of European Directive 89/336/EEC on electromagnetic compatibility, entered in force on 1st January 1996, then that of the new 2014/30/EU Directive) and regulations led the manufacturers to take heavy and expensive curative measures compared to the market price of their products.

This training course aims at allowing the manufacturers to make an EMC design, in order to succeed straight off, and with the minimum cost of series.


Level: Basic

The course is intended for engineers and technicians, having some knowledge on the electromagnetic aggressions of the level of the course ELT 032 or an EMC practical experience.


Geneviève DEVILLE:

“Electromagnetic hardening expert”
Thales Communications & Security.


  • Basic concepts
    • Telecommunication history - example of Electromagnetic disturbance
    • Definitions - EMC Objectives - what is called "electric field" "magnetic field"? - the physic laws for electromagnetism- Pulse versus sinusoidal signals - Common Mode - Differential Mode - Grounding, bonding, earth
  • The couplings and their effects
    • Mechanism of EMC disturbance
    • Common impedance coupling:
      • Principle, common mode generation (noisy mass), quantification of ground impedances and of 0V
    • Coupling field and ground loop:
      • Principle, ground loop effect quantification,application on transmission lines
    • Cross talk coupling: principle, quantification
    • Parasitic capacities coupling: principle, quantification
    • Power supply coupling
  • How to reduce coupling effects?
    • EMC principle - EMC Improvement strategy - Coupling paths reduction: ground impedance reduction, ground segregation, ground loops reduction
    • Additional solutions: shielded enclosures, shielded cables, filters…
  • EMC Regulations
    • Civilian standards and military standards - The European harmonization: generic standards and product standards- Tests to be performed, CE Marking
  • EMC measurement: equipments and sites
  • Methodology of an EMC study
    • Choice of the standards – Application on EMC study
    • Application to technologies and research
    • EMC maintenance
  • Testimonies
    • EMC and laboratory tests – Taking into account of the EMC by the project and the commercial
    • Introduction to protection against the effects of non ionizing radiations on the people
  • Case studies
    • Application of the methods to a concrete case study
    • Presentation of materials and practical solutions



English version programmable on request


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: November 29 to December 3, 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,950 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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