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Fundamentals of engineering - 2021

Introduction to Model Based System Engineering (MBSE)


The goal of this training is to allow engineers whenever their education to acquire the basics of Model Based System Engineering :

  • Foundations of Model Based System Engineering
  • System: Life cycle, viewpoints and representations
  • System: Design languages and methodologies
  • Relationship with requirements engineering
  • Relationship with specialty engineering’s
  • Process and models transformation
  • Reconciliation and trade-off


The training is spread over 4 days (24 hours) . It is composed of:

  • Presentations and discussions – 8h
  • Manipulation of tools – 4h
  • Case study – 12h


This training aims to give a clear understanding of the role of system engineering when designing complex systems as well as the benefits of using modeling languages.  For this purpose, a use case will be used as a red line.


Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: Master’s degree or equivalent, with some experience in the design of complex system (software, hardware, mechanical,…)


Ali Koudri, PhD. Researcher at Cénotélie.


Introduction to modeling
◦         History

◦         Fundamental concepts

◦         Benefits and applications

Introduction to modeling languages
◦         Overview of some modeling standards: MOF, UML, SysML, OCL, QVT, BPMN2

◦         Case study: Implementation of a simplified UML

▪         Defining abstract syntax with Ecore and OCL

▪         Implementing a graphical syntax with Sirius

▪         Implementing a textual syntax with xText

◦         Specifying and verifying OCL constraints

◦         Querying models with QVT

Introduction to system engineering’s
◦         Foundations

◦         Methodologies

◦         Overview of ISO-15288 standard

◦         Presentation of the case study

Introduction to MBSE
◦         Formal specification of the system with SysML

◦         Application of a tooled methodology to frame the designing

◦         Support transition between domains / levels of abstraction using transformations

◦         Requirements traceability with ProR

◦         Formal checking with UPPAA

Initiation to MBSE tools


Schedulded in french :

PARIS : 16 to 19 March 2021

For an english realization, please contact us.


€1,980 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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