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Design and cost management - 2021

Design-to-cost & value analysis


How to manage the development of a new product or service or the redesign of an existing one within a strict cost target, and maximize the value perceived by each stakeholder.

At the end of this course the trainee must be able to:

  • Define the context and the scope of a development or improvement project
  • State the requirements for each stakeholder, for the whole life cycle of the product or service
  • Evaluate the global costs involved in a project
  • Define the global target and assign sub-targets to each function of the product or service
  • Gather and manage technical and economic information
  • Facilitate innovation and organize collective creativity
  • Organize technical and cost reviews all along the project
  • Prepare arbitrations between needs, performances, costs and risks and facilitate the decision facing complexity
  • Deploy Value Management principles and tools.


The course lasts 4 days (26 hours), from which:

  • 12 hours of teaching
  • 13 hours of tutorial
  • 1 hour of review and evaluation


The internship alternates teaching and practice.

A systemic approach is used to link many project methods and tools and organize them along a “Value Analysis” backbone in view of the achievement of the purpose of the organization.

A study case, chosen between the propositions of the participants themselves, is used to illustrate the concepts and tools presented.

Practice is done in small groups of 4-5 people.


Level: Basic/Improvement

Knowledge of the company's business and functioning s is sufficient to address the concepts presented.

This internship is intended for actors involved in a redesign or development: project managers, program managers, department managers, business experts, buyers, members of the design office, methods, quality experts, logisticians, maintenance staff...



Manager of the firm APTE.
President of AFAV French Association for Value Analysis


  • Value Analysis and Value Management principles
  • Design-to-Cost (DtC) origin and specificities
  • Definitions (total cost, direct cost, perceived value, price...)
  • DtC Roadmap
    • Stake holder analysis (needs and expectations)
    • Project scope and constraints
    • Project objectives, global cost target
    • Team constitution
    • Information gathering
    • Functional analysis
    • Needs hierarchization
    • Economic analysis of the target reference
    • Cost by function of the reference
    • Sub-targeting
    • Partnerships and negotiations
    • Prioritization of the workshops
    • Solution research
    • Creativity workshops
    • Solution evaluation
    • Costs estimating
    • Technical and economic review of projects
    • Decision process and decision matrices
    • Contractualization
    • Project communication
  • Value Management norms
  • DtC promotion (Design-to-Cost)



English version programmable on request


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 25 to 28 May 2021

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,940 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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