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Maintenance and logistics - 2022

Maintenance in operational condition

Methodological, contractual and strategic issues


Given its impact on costs and the accomplishment of missions, maintenance in operational condition (MCO) has become in a few years a strategic area. This is true in the civilian world where the planned explosion of air transport creates enormous needs, but also in the defense world, where the minister has launched a plan to transform the aeronautical MCO on a very large scale.
To be efficient, the MCO must be taken into account methodically, very early in the development and know how to adapt to the evolution of its environment.
The purpose of this training is to enable participants to:
-  Understand key issues and positions of support;
- To build step by step a contract of MCO;
- Use Integrated Logistics Support to prepare for future in-service support;
- To apprehend the methods implemented and their evolutions;
- To know the possible strategies of contractualization of markets of MCO
- To know the equipment support organizations of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and their evolutions.


The course lasts 3 days (18 hours) and includes:

  • 15 hours of practical work/tutorials
  • A half-day visit from a support management organization


MOC represents more than 50% of the overall cost of a product and determines its availability. The commissioning of more and more sophisticated weapons systems with highly integrated support systems, the evolution of technologies and the economic environment require a new approach to the concepts of support, maintenance and their contractualization. This internship gives a complete and multidisciplinary vision (strategic, contractual, technological and methodological) of this strategic domain. It makes it possible to discover to the civil or military executives brought to work in the field of the MCO, as well at the level of strategy, design, exploitation or repair, proven and also innovative methods of conception of support and contracting. It reinforces the training AED 037: "Maintenance of the aeronautical systems", bringing a complement to him concerning the aspect MCO and contractual.


Course level: Advanced

This internship is intended for engineers and executives as well as technicians with a solid professional experience. It is intended for all executives who have or want to have responsibilities in support: service managers, executives, technical managers, sales representatives, buyers ...



Ministry of Defense

Chief of Naval Staff


  • From SLI to MOC
    • The place of MOC in the development and design of a product
    • The overall cost: impact of support choices
    • MOC and maintenance policies
    • Examples, methods and tools of support development
  • MOC contracting
    • MOC strategies
    • Types of MOC agreements
    • Use of the public procurement code; innovative financing and risk-sharing management
    • Design of the main items of an MOC agreement
  • MOC organizations
    • State-level participants and their role (project owners, NSO, NSI)
    • Establishing an MOC agreement: protocols, information system, use of networks
    • MOC performance measurements industry and users (transport, sharing NSO/NSI) and optimization
    • Example of organizations abroad
  • Tutorials: writing and negotiation (role plays) of an MOC agreement (repairs, technical assistance)
  • Visit to a support organization (half-day):
    • Management of in-service support of a fleet and contracting management by an MOAd (SIMMT, SSF or SIMMAD)



Conferences delivered by support, maintenance, MOC and contract professionals are illustrated with numerous examples from the terrestrial, naval and aeronautical domains (structure, engines, equipment, avionics) in use and being developed.

A tutorial and a visit to an MOC institution complete this theoretical training.


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 9 to 11 May 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,440 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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