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Aeronautical engineering - 2019

Airplane design

Techniques for a preliminary project for a commercial transport aircraft


This one week short course is designed to people (working in the field of aeronautics) who want to get a practical basic knowledge in airplane design.


This course is offered in Toulouse

This five days (32h) training course consists of:

  • 15 h of academic classrooms
  • 16 h of practical sessions
  • One round-table conference


This course aims to give the student a good overview of multidisciplinary interactions involved in the design process. The mornings are dedicated to lectures made by engineers from industry (Airbus and Dassault). These lectures prepare the students for practical sessions which take place in the afternoon. The work consists in making the design of a twin-jet civil aircraft corresponding to given requirements (Range, Number of passenger, cruise Mach Number).


Level: Basic

No formal prerequisites are needed since course is tailored to give the trainee all the theoretical knowledge which is necessary to perform their own preliminary design of an airplane. A technical higher education graduation level is recommended.


Emmanuel BENARD:

Associate Professor at ISAE - DCAS Department.


  • Lectures (morning)
    • Day 1 : Air transport analysis, general layout of fuselage wing empennage and tail
    • Day 2 : Structural design, regulation
    • Day 3 : Aerodynamic design, basic concept, drag polar, stability
    • Day 4 : Performances, propulsion, mission analysis, take-off & landing
    • Day 5 : Introduction to optimization, miscellaneous operating constraints
  • Practical study (afternoon)
    • Day 1 : Preliminary design (take-off weight; empty weight and fuel weight for the given mission) ; fuselage layout ; wing, empennage and tail geometry design; engines sizing
    • Day 2 : Limit load factor calculation; mass / performance loop; accurate mass budget and load distribution; centre of gravity excursion diagram
    • Day 3 : Static longitudinal and lateral stability; empennage and tail accurate sizing; neutral point determination; wing positioning
    • Day 4 : Mission calculation (climb, level flight, descent, diversion); take off performances
    • Day 5 : Payload / Range diagram; Direct Operating Cost; round-table conference



Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE:  2 to 6  December 2019


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,260 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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