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Aeronautical applications - 2019

Aircraft fire safety


The purpose of this course is to make participants aware of the problems posed by the use of materials both in the layout and the structures of the aircraft, in particular those related to fire safety requirements with regard to aeronautical regulations.


The course lasts 3 days (18 hours) and includes example-illustrated lectures and a test laboratory visit.


Fire safety is a concern throughout the design, construction, certification and operation stages of an aircraft. In this respect, given the changes to the certification process and following the analysis of accidents related to fire risks, the application of international standards and manufacturer standards, means of prevention and protection and the choice of materials with regard to fire resistance are given special focus. A case study will be presented to help understand guidelines, from the analysis of aircraft accidents and incidents to the installation of materials in aircraft to limit flame spread.


Course level: Basic

This course is intended for engineers and managers/supervisors with basic knowledge regarding the choice of materials used in the design and layout of aircraft and the issue of fire protection in pressurized and non-pressurized zones.



Engineer. Formerly head of cabin fire safety at DGA-TA (formerly CEAT), currently head of industrial relations at ISAE (ISAE-SUPAERO, the Institut Supérieur de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace or National Higher French Institute of Aeronautics and Space).

With the collaboration of specialists from the field.


  • Aeronautical regulations
    • The risk of fire and its consequences
    • Safety objectives
    • EASA-FAA international bodies
    • FAR 25-CS25 standards
    • Regulatory change 
    • Case study: from an accident to the publication of a new regulatory requirement
  • Practical issue: fire risk assessment criteria
    • Inflammability
    • Smoke - Toxicity - Heat release
    • Flame spread
    • Flame penetration
    • Flame resistance
  • Regulatory testing methods
    • Laboratory testing methods: service towers
    • NBS Chamber - OSU Chamber
    • Radiant panels
    • Seat and hold Kerosene burnthrough tests
  • Visit to the test laboratory of the DGA-TA Center (formerly CEAT)
    • Overview of testing methods
    • Demonstration on the case study material
  • Regulation: its constraints in the industry
    • Materials used in aeronautics
    • Fire protection in pressurized areas
    • Fire protection in non-pressurized zones
  • Fire protection in other areas:
    differences and comparisons
    • Marine
    • Rail transport
    • Buildings


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE: 9 to 11 December 2019


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,490 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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