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Fundamentals of engineering - 2019

Perform a system engineering project

Live a project cycle and develop your skills


Systems Engineering is as a team competence at the service of competitiveness. This training aims at enabling an efficient implementation of Systems Engineering.  It is based on:

  • The acquisition of a global vision of the development cycle of complex systems
  • The understanding of the power and benefits of a variety of tools, methodologies and processes used in systems engineering
  • The identification of roles and the contribution of the actors that ensure engineering
  • Training through the practice of fundamentals, dealing with trade-offs to optimize a solution


The training course lasts 3 days (24hours).

A simulation platform is used to produce a true working solution involving team during a hands-on intensive seminar.


The theoretical aspects of systems engineering are well known, however projects duration span too much time to fully understand its benefits as a collective performance.  This 3-days seminar is based on the concurrent development of ‘systems of interest’ and a related "enabling system" by using a Lego environment combining bricks and a CAD Lego simulation tool.

IPMC’s INOVEX simulation platform allows to implement various complexity levels of systems engineering:

  • Suppliers and competitors in a dynamic market
  • Extensive list of User Requirements (#40)
  • A 3-tiered product to be developed by using the V Cycle (system/sub-system/elements)
  • A 4-tiered enabling system (factory/assembly line/resources/operations)
  • The systematic use of digital simulation to simulate performance
  • A phased development cycle with milestones, reviews
  • A comprehensive integration / verification / validation up a ‘crash test’

The INOVEX platform is at the heart of systems engineering training curriculum of THALES, AIRBUS, DCNS, Renault, PSA., BOMBARDIER, AREVA.


Level: Basic/Advanced practitioner

This seminar is a major benefit for every person confronted with the implementation of systems engineering: from the newly appointed systems engineer to engineering managers and experienced architects.


Virginie THONIER :

IPMC Executive Director

Dominique SOUFFLET:

Head of System Engineering training

Jean-Silvère MAGNIEZ:

Senior Consultant



  • Analyse the business case environment and challenge
  • Share the key principles of system engineering
    • Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
    • Development cycle and phasing
    • Cartography of tools and methodologies
  • Initialise the project and set up system engineering models
    • Scope technical, industrial, and project objectives, - use of the Kano model
    • Use of development templates to help the design
    • Stakeholders and life phases
    • Functional and physical modelling
    • Product Breakdown, allocation and management of interfaces
  • Organize the Project Office
    • Allocation of roles within the teams
  • Structure and organize the development
    • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Project Management and Configuration Management Plans
  • Design the product
    • Release 1 of the vehicle-product
    • Specification of sub-systems
    • Industrial strategy
  • Conduct a Concept review
    • Analyse technical and project risks
    • Supplier management
  • Freeze the architecture
    • A release 2 and IVV plan
    • Design of release 1 of sub-systems
    • Specification review / design / interfaces
  • Conduct a Design review
  • Freeze the definition
    • Design release 2 of sub-systems
    • Bill of Materials, IVV for sub-systems, process sequence diagrams
  • Conduct a Configuration review
  • Build, integrate, verify the system
  • Build the enabling system (manufacturing)
  • Qualify product and process on mass-production lines
  • Qualification and Certification of the Solution


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: Cancelled - Upcoming date, please consult us.


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€3,110 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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