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Production flow, quality and time management - 2019

Ongoing Improvement and Lean - Six Sigma


In an increasingly complex and evolving legal and commercial environment, the BADGE program - BADGE (Brevet Aptitudes Délivré par la Conférence des Grandes Écoles) being a French qualification issued by French engineering institution the Conférence des Grandes Écoles - aims to train staff capable of assuming responsibility in the areas of continuous improvement and/or Lean Management. The course focuses on production companies and manufacturers, although the methods and techniques taught also apply to service production organizations (banks and hospitals, for example).


The course takes place over a period of 6 months and alternates with your employment in order to maintain professional experience.

18 days of teaching over 2 consecutive days every 3 weeks making a total of 255 hours of training, including 45 hours of e-learning and 75 hours of practical application.


In an increasingly complex and disrupted environment, companies need to identify and exploit internal sources of improvement, both quantitative and qualitative. The program provides comprehensive training and certification methods, techniques and tools of Supply Chain Management and Demand Management applied to the corporate world. It leads to obtaining skills recognized by the issuance of a BADGE from the École des Mines d'Albi (Institut Mines Telecom).


Course level:

The program aims to support the development and internal promotion of different profiles:

  • Supervisors and technicians (manufacturing, quality process, maintenance, logistics, sales, etc.) whose professional experience is directly related to the training (continuous improvement, permanent progress, lean, quality) and whose development potential is identified by the company.
  • Managers/supervisors in Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement, Lean Management or process managers wishing to strengthen their skills by acquiring tools and methods in the field of continuous improvement.

A Bac + 2 qualification or higher is required to participate in this training.



Teacher, Albi Mining School - (École des Mines d’Albi)


Consultant-Trainer, Black-Belt Lean-6 Sigma, AGILEA

Vincent MERAUD:

Consultant-Trainer, Black-Belt Lean-6 Sigma, AGILEA


The training is delivered in French and complies strictly with the standards NFX06-091 and ISO 13053-1.

  • Days 1 to 8:
    • Overview of Continuous Improvement, Lean, 6 Sigma and Lean-6 Sigma and associated AFNOR (French industrial standards authority) and ISO standards
    • Introduction to the DMAIC process and development of each step
  • Days 9 and 10:
    • Identification, characterization and structuring of practical missions that learners must implement
    • Definition of associated performance indicators and expected deliverables
  • Days 11 and 12:
    • Limitations of Lean-6 Sigma tools and procedures
    • Governance of a continuous improvement business project
  • Days 13 and 14:
    • Cross-reviews of practical missions in progress.
    • Workshops on critical analysis of project progress and definition of follow-up
  • Days 15 and 16:
    • Development of the Improve phase
    • Opening on advanced technologies of Continuous Improvement
  • Days 17 and 18:
    • Final evaluation of the practical missions before a panel of experts
    • Validation of acquired knowledge in terms of knowledge and operational capabilities
    • Workshops around the definition of action plan in trainees' work environments


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: SYI 052.1: Cancelled - Upcoming date, please consult us.
TOULOUSE: SYI 052.2: Cancelled - Upcoming date, please consult us.


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€7,500 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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