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Change management - Innovation - 2019

Passport to digital technology

Introduction to the major themes of industrial digitization


This course is for operational managers in industry (production managers, engineering design) who are set to be impacted by the digitalization of their business and wish to prepare for this breakthrough transformation and understand the main highlights.

The course will enable learners to:

  • understand the current and future challenges of the digital age for businesses
  • explore the major themes of digitization
  • gain an overview of what currently exists in the digital world applied to the industry
  • appropriate a digital context in case studies
  • examine the potential evolutions of the digital age in the years to come
  • to understand the impacts of digitization for their companies on the organization, processes, culture and their business model.


The course is one day (7 hours).

  • Approximately 1/3 of the course will consist of group case studies.


This course aims to give a "passport", a pathway to the phenomenon that is the digitization of industry. It enables participants to better understand the issues of the digital age and to locate some of the themes within the context of their company.


Course level: Basic and Advanced

No prerequisites.

This course is intended for industrialists/manufacturers wishing to explore the major themes related to the digitalization of business.



Partner - Mews Partners

Engineer, 20 years of experience with industrial digitization projects for aeronautics, automotive, public facilities and electronics.



  • Current issues in the industrial world
    • The new industrial revolution/The factory of the future
    • Transformations in the value chain
  • How is digitization transforming companies' ways of working?
    • Presentation of the major themes of digitization (SMACT, RV/RA, 3D printing, robotics)
    • Illustration of these different themes with current cases
  • The impacts of digitization in the company
    • Evolution of engineering processes
    • Managing change
    • Change in the governance of industries
    • Evolution of business models
  • Case studies
    • This first part is delivered by all participants and will present the issues from the case studies and the proposed topics
  • The evolutions of the digital world - The disruptive changes to look out for
  • Conclusion and information for further exploration


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: Cancelled - Upcoming date, please consult us.


For the English realization, please, consult us.




€570 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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