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Objectives of cybersecurity and strategic issues
CYB-001 - Raising awareness to the cyberspace - 2020
CYB-002 - Aviation cybersecurity issues - 2020
Secure IT architectures and developments
CYB-205 - Raising awareness of secure software development - 2020
CYB-206 - Basis of secure architectures and security policies - 2020
CYB-208 - Protection mechanisms (Firewall, IDS, IPS, Diode; Honey-Pot) - 2020
CYB-209 - Management logs, operation and archiving of logs - 2020
CYB-210 - Vulnerable points and security of industrial systems (ICS) and SCADA - 2020
Regulations, methodologies and approval of information security systems
CYB-301 - Security in project management - SSI approval of an information system - 2020
CYB-303 - Security in project management - Risk analysis - Security reports - Ebios method - 2020
CYB-305 - Evaluating the security of an information system - 2020
Cyber crisis management
CYB-401 - General organization of the corporate management of a cybersecurity crisis - 2020
CYB-402 - Management of a major cybersecurity crisis - 2020
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