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Conduite des projets - 2022 Nouveauté

Engineering Project Risks

A Highware training registered BNAE


Attendance to this training package enables to learn modern approaches and languages to analyse risks in the project frontend stages and manage risks downstream during project execution.
This training provides an integrated overview of the reasonably recent state-of-the-art in project risk engineering and integration of General Recommendations RG AERO 00039 (European Norm 9239).
This training package includes preparation to BNAE RG Aéro 00039 certification.


Duration of this training 5 days (18 hours – 3 hours per day online, and total 2 hours work in virtual teams).

  • Online synchronous presentations and examples,
  • Individual labs and work in virtual teams.


This training package is the “distant learning” variant in English of the MPC012PF training course.
Designed in synchronous educational capsules, it consists in a series of short presentations, individual labs, individual analysis, team consolidations and plenary sessions.
Contents are designed to match General Recommendation RG AERO 00039 from BNAE (Bureau de Normalisation de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace): “Programme Management – Recommendation to implement risk management and opportunity management”.
Practical review of each approach enables to implement General Recommendation RG AERO 00039, with accuracy as required in projects and programmes in the fields of aeronautics, space and defence.
This training package enables to integrate various qualitative and quantitative approaches and to develop critical thinking for their implementation.


Level of this training: Improvement
Target audience for this training is: programme direction team members and project managers to move from small-medium complexity to large complexity projects.


Gilles VALLET:

HIGHWARE chief editor and IndeXpertise lead expert.



  • Risks characterized: two alternate approaches
    • Qualitative approach (either avoidance, acceptance or transfer)
    • Quantitative approach (budget coverage)
  • Approaches for project risk engineering.
    • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) from task descriptors.
    • Contingencies from analytical estimates in Cost Breakdown Structure.
    • Global approaches: quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Integration of risk management into programme management processes
    • Introduction to General Recommendations RG AERO 00039.
    • Categories of project risks
    • Introduction to General Recommendations RG AERO 00039 annexes.
  • Frontend risk management
    • Qualitative analysis of unwanted effects (events to avoid).
    • Priority ranking and identification of causes.
    • Strategies: transfer, avoidance or acceptance.
    • Quantitative analysis: probabilistic risk analysis.
  • Downstream management of risks
    • Qualitative management to trigger adequate action plans.
    • Quantitative management to ensure prospective budget extensions.
  • Risk management stakeholders

Three evaluation levels for the training package

Evaluation level 1: satisfaction (to identify opportunities for improvement of the training).

Evaluation level 2: review of individual submission on the Moodle platform.

Evaluation level 3: review of team works submitted on the Moodle platform.


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(Previous date : 1st part - the 19th September 2022)

(Previous date : 2nd part - from the 20th to 23rd September 2022)


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