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Ballistics, gun powder and solid propellants - 2021

Exterior ballistics


This course will enable learners to gain an overview of the external ballistics of barrel-fired shots, ie all the areas and knowledge required to understand the technical and operational performance of projectiles during their flight.


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours) and includes:

  • Lectures and practical examples
  • Panel discussion


The course is for anyone interested in flying projectiles at any stage and of any caliber.

Conferences provide both a solid theoretical foundation and a useful overview of the specific problems an engineer encounters with design, expertise, simulation or testing.

This course will enable learners to have valuable discussions with ballistics experts they will encounter later.


Course level: Basic

Course accessible to engineers and technicians without prior training in exterior ballistics.


Christophe GRIGNON:

Expert in Exterior Ballistics

DGA Land Techniques - Bourges



The various topics are addressed in collaboration with specialists from the DGA, the Institute of Saint-Louis and the industry.


  • Physical phenomena
    • Aerodynamics
    • Principles of flight mechanics.
    • Gyroscopic effect
    • Principles of geodesy
    • Principles of aerology
  • Modeling trajectory and angular motion
    • Basic models
    • Standard Material Point Model (SMP)
    • Handling ricochets
    • Modified Material Point Model, NATO standard (MMP)
    • Modeling with six degrees of freedom
    • Precession and nutation movements
    • Projectile stability conditions
  • Metrology and processing of ballistic measurements
    • Radar and optical tracking resources
    • Measurement of the attitude of in-flight projectiles
    • Tracking tests on a firing range
    • Counting and processing of measurements
  • Design of operational tools for calculating trajectories
    • Overview of shooting tables (tight shot and curved shot)
    • Ballistic calculators
    • NATO Ballistic Kernel (NABK)
  • Modern ballistics problems
    • Design of drag reduction devices (base bleed)
    • Ogive rockets with trajectory correction
    • Digital and experimental aerodynamics - case studies
    • Exterior ballistics and systems analysis: consumption calculations, probabilities of attack and destruction
    • Exterior ballistics in an operational environment



Scheduled in French:

Paris: 14 to 18 June 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,250 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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