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Production flow, quality and time management - 2021

Lean Engineering

Improving your product development process


The course will enable learners to :

  • Understand the basic principles of Lean Product Development
  • Learn about the scope of these principles through learners' scenarios in a fun and educational way
  • Understand the main tools of Lean Product Development
  • Measure the impact of Lean Product Development in terms of organization, managerial practices and learning processes within a company


This course is 3 days long (21 hours) and includes:

  • The statement of principles
  • The presentation of the tools
  • The presentation of the implementation process
  • Role playing


Lean processes are now numerous in companies: Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office, Lean Engineering...

This course is built around the observation and analysis of the most advanced industrial practices (Toyota, MIT Lean Aerospace Initiative, etc.) and targets product development process improvement methods. It establishes the link with the founding principles of Lean Manufacturing while focusing on making the most of the parallel that can be drawn between knowledge (engineering) and physical flow (production).

At the end of this course, learners will be able to establish the diagnostic process of the current practices of their company and to undertake the implementation of a Lean Product Development approach suitable for the maturity and the stakes of the company.


Course level : Advanced

This course is intended for program managers, managers of product competence centers or process/method managers of technical departments with a good knowledge of the overall product development process of the company.



Senior Manager - Mews Partners


With the cooperation of

Saadoun BARDI:

Manager - Mews Partners


  • Introduction: What is Lean Product Development
    • Lean Product Development/Lean Manufacturing
    • Forms of Lean Product Development waste
  • Role playing
    • Lean Engineering Serious Game 'Entreprise House 4U'
    • Analysis
    • The two components of Lean Product Development
      • Learning First Product Development
      • Lean Design Factory
  • The tools
    • A3 thinking - Problem Solving & Knowledge Briefs
    • Limit Curves/Trade Off Curves
    • The customer's voice
    • PDVSM
    • Obeya
  • The product development process
    • Opening alternatives: Set-based Concurrent Engineering
    • Securing the process: Integrating Events
    • Standardizing knowledge
    • Creating a pull flow
    • Reducing batch size (management by deliverables: KIDS)
    • Introducing agile methods in project management
  • The organization and the people
    • The Chief Engineer
    • Relationship between Chief Engineer and Competence Centers
    • Integrating partners and subcontractors
    • Visual management
  • Continuous Improvement, Culture and Lean Behaviors
    • The main behavioral changes needed
  • Implementing the approach
    • Diagnostics
    • First stages
    • How to go further
    • Key success factors


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 12 to 14 April 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,890 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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