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Aeronautical engineering - 2022

Introduction to flight mechanics


This training session will enable engineers (or senior technicians) working in an aeronautical environment (airframes, engines, systems…) to acquire basic knowledge on airplane flight characteristics (performances and flying qualities) and the different limitations of aircraft's flight domain.


Course extends on 5 days (33 hours) including:

  • 20 hours of presentations
  • 10 hours of design offices including telemetry analysis
  • 1 flight session on light airplane
  • 1 flight simulator session
  • 1 round table


The pedagogical approach insists on the understanding of physical phenomenon rather than on mathematical modelisation.

Wind tunnel demonstrations, in flight experimentation as well as simulation and practical exercises occupy one third of the whole training session.


Level: Basic scientific knowledge

In mathematics, derivative and differential equation concepts will be used.

In physics, some familiarity with Newton principles for a solid body (basic laws of solid dynamics) is necessary: movement of the centre of gravity and around the centre of gravity.



Flight Test Engineer and Flight Dynamics teacher

Head Air and Space Vehicles Design and Control Department at ISAE-SUPAERO.


  • Aerodynamic Actions
    • Compressibility (Mach number) and Viscosity (Reynolds number) effects
    • Synthesis (three-dimensional Effects)
    • Wind Tunnel Demonstration
  • Propulsion
    • Basic principles of Propulsion
    • Demonstration on DGEN 380 double flow bench
  • Performance and Flight Domain Limitations
    • Lift and Thrust required for Level Flight
    • Load Factor and Lift Limits
    • Balance and Propulsion limits
    • Longitudinal Balance
    • Static Stability (aerodynamic center)
    • Structural limits
  • Longitudinal Motion and Longitudinal Flying Qualities
    • Stability, Manoeuvrability and Handling
    • Motion analysis design office and Flight Simulator exercises
  • Transversal Motion and Transversal Flying Qualities
    • Stability, Manoeuvrability and Handling
    • Demonstration of Lateral Identification with the ISAE instrumented aircraft
  • In Flight Demonstration on light aircraft
    • Action of flight controls and Turns
    • Thrust required for flight
    • Modes of motion



Participation taking into account simulation means

English version programmable on request


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE: from 14th to 18th of february 2022

Orginally planned : 1st to 5 February 2021

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€3,190 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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