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Introduction to AED concepts - 2022

Introduction to helicopters

Flight principle and different types of rotary wing aircraft


This course will enable those starting to work in the field of rotary wing aircraft to quickly understand the phenomena inherent to the flight of the helicopter (and convertible aircraft) and to acquire general and technological knowledge.


The course lasts 1 day (7 hours).


This course is for those wishing to understand the principles governing helicopter flight, technical problems and their solutions, as well as the principal civilian and military aircraft in service. An easier approach, exploring the various areas with specific examples and multiple illustrations without the use of theoretical formulations. The lectures are very demonstration focused.

People wishing to improve their knowledge in this area will also benefit from course: AED 019 : Helicopter Techniques.


Course level: Basic

This course is intended for all types of employees - engineers, technicians, salespeople, buyers, management controllers, administrative staff - involved in the helicopter industry with no prior training in the field. It is also suitable for helicopter manufacturer subcontractors wishing to gain a better understanding of their client's industry.



Architect of Aeronautical Systems.

Former Head of the Simulations and Aeronautical Design Group

Temporary Lecturer in Aircraft Architecture.


  • History of the helicopter
  • Suspension
    • Phenomenon of load-bearing capacity
    • Impact
    • The advancing blade
    • Autorotation
  • Principle of vertical flight
    • Command of helicopter flight controls
  • Principle of horizontal flight
    • Cyclic pitch control
  • Rotor joints
    • Mechanical joints (beat, pitch, drag)
    • Principle of the non-articulated rotor
  • The anti-torque and its technologies
    • Fenestron
    • NOTAR (NO TAil Rotor)
    • Bi-rotor architectures:
      • Tandem
      • meshed
      • Co-axial
  • Demonstrations
    • Civil and military
    • Business helicopters
    • Market segmentation
    • Technological prospects
  • Convertible aircraft
    • Principle
    • Flight controls
    • V-22, AW-609
  • Combi aircraft
    • Attempts to develop powered helicopters
  • Physical phenomena and technologies
    • Supersonic wing tips
    • Tuning the Main Transmission Gearbox
    • K Liaison
    • Coriolis forces
    • Gyroscopic precession
    • Twisting of blades
    • Lateral drift caused by the Anti-Torque Rotor
    • Inclined Anti-Torque Rotor


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 31March 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€590 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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