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Management - 2022

Human factors

Effective management through emotional intelligence


This course addresses the concept of emotional intelligence. It enables learners to use this notion to better manage our reasoning and actions thanks to the ability to recognize our emotions, understand their influence on our performance and to manage them positively (management and self-awareness).

To encourage behavior that is expressive, goal-oriented and adaptive, performed by neuronal or endocrine systems.


The course lasts 2 days (16 hours).


All effective leaders share a decisive quality: they all have a high degree of what is now called 'emotional intelligence'. The best leaders are those who have a well developed personal qualities such as the ability to listen and accept others' points of view, the ability to integrate them into their mental maps, and the ability to understand and manage their emotions.

The focus will be on the ability of the manager and the leader to recognize the emotions of others, to understand their origin, and to create the optimal conditions that generate positive emotions, exclusive sources of sustainable performance and well-being (awareness of others and relationship management).

The goal is for leaders/managers to be able to convey constructive feedback at the right time and to instill in them the key qualities of the mentor/coach, providing them with the tools to be a catalyst for change.


Course level: Master's in any field

Aimed at anyone interested in the creation of values.



Former Special Operations Officer, Special Forces Action Group Leader and Chief Instructor.


  • Definition and challenges of emotional intelligence
    • Role and mechanism of emotions
    • Impact of poorly managed or misidentified emotions
    • The notion of emotional intelligence
    • Test: calculation your emotional coefficient
    • History, approach, definition
    • The 4 great emotional competences of the manager
  • Better managing my own emotions Current challenges and trends
    • Knowing how to identify my emotions
    • Self-diagnosis: my emotions in my managerial practice: an asset? Brakes?
    • Expressing my emotions: assertiveness
    • Understanding my emotions
    • Knowing how to manage my emotions
  • Better managing other people's emotions
    • Knowing how to identify other people's emotions
    • Encouraging others to express their emotions
    • Understanding other people's emotions: active listening
    • Knowing how to manage other people's emotions
  • Accompanying change effectively
    • Understanding the cycle of emotions in the process of change
    • Situating a person on the curve of change using emotions
    • Adapting the accompaniment to change according to the emotions identified
    • Optimizing communication (verbal, formal and informal, info)
    • Mourning a position, a function, assisting a promotion, a departure
  • Emotional intelligence in everyday life: performance and QWL
    • Emotional intelligence in everyday life: performance and PSR analysis)
    • Emotional intelligence and performance (individual and collective)
    • Emotional intelligence and leadership
    • Developing the decision mechanism
    • Exercise: developing your charisma
  • Individual action plan
    • Elements of emotional intelligence that I already integrate into my managerial practice
    • My action plan to promote QWL (and therefore performance) in my team (which emotional skills will I use?)
    • An adaptative response that has 3 components (Behavioral/Expressive, Physiological, Cognitive/Subjective)


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: Dates : 10 to 11 March, 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€880 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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