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Management - 2022

Managing by motivation with the neurocognitive approach

Engineering management course - module 2


This training will enable participants to develop their managerial skills through a pragmatic and innovative approach, focused on motivation:

  • To distinguish the different types of motivation according to their durability, their intensity and the energy they generate or consume
  • To build and embody natural leadership based on personality and enduring motivations
  • To stimulate the motivation and team spirit of employees for a true commitment to work


The course lasts 4 days (28 hours).


This second module of the Engineering Management course focuses on the different facets of motivation and the way in which these impact the behavior of the manager and employees.

Better self-awareness will allow participants to take more pleasure in management, improve their efficiency and performance, and develop more commitment and involvement from their employees.

To facilitate understanding of their own behavioral profile, we suggest that each participant answer the VIP2A pro questionnaire. It will shed light on unconditional and lasting motivations, sources of pleasure and performance, as well as conditional motivations and emotional over-investment, susceptible to results or recognition and sources of demotivation.

Knowing each other better enables everyone to build the foundations of authentic leadership. From this new knowledge, participants will learn to identify and then stimulate the sustainable motivation of their teams.


Course level: Advanced

Experienced managers with 2 to 5 years of management experience of hierarchical and/or operational teams (in project management).



Work Psychologist, Senior Consultant

Institute of NeuroCognitivism (INC).


Everyone's leadership is different: identifying, building and embodying sustainable motivations

From a deeper knowledge of their resources and motivational barriers, participants will be able to understand the levers to be integrated into their management in order to build leadership that suits them and that is sustainable and credible.

Skills developed:

  • Detection, detailed analysis and contextualized motivations
  • Knowledge of your own levers and motivational brakes
  • Perspective on your own behavior
  • Authentic, natural and credible leadership, embodied on a daily basis with your team

Developing commitment to work by stimulating employees' sustainable motivation

Knowing and understanding the behavior and motivational dynamics of their employees enable managers to adapt their management and communication style to everyone in order to create the conditions for commitment to work and foster team spirit.

Skills developed:

  • Detection, detailed analysis and mapping of employees' motivations
  • Openness and understanding of motivations and value systems different from your own
  • Assisting your employees in the construction of professional trajectories aligned with their motivations
  • Mobilizing employees through appropriate communication that makes sense for everyone

Option: to deepen your self-awareness

For participants who would like to go further in understanding how they work and in identifying performance levers at work, we suggest carrying out a debrief of the VIP2A pro questionnaire during a two-hour individual session.


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : March 28 to 31 April, 2022

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2150 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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