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Aeronautical applications - 2023

Consideration of the ''safety'' factor in aircraft design


The purpose of this course is to give trainees an overall view of the safety concept while integrated in the development phase and in-service phase of an aircraft program, particularly through studies and tests performed during design.


The course lasts 4.5 days (30 hours) with:

  • 25 hours of courses
  • 5 hours of industrial plant visit


In the frame of an aircraft program, a key point is "designing for safety". To reach this target, application of dedicated techniques all along the development phase and the in service phase is necessary. The aim of this training course is to describe these techniques and their application to systems (including engines) and structure (with additional consideration of development error, human factor and security aspects).

For systems a specific module is dedicated to the presentation of the new issue of ARP 4754A/ED19A and ARP 4761A as well as the impact of their applications during aircraft system development phase.


Level : Basic 

The training course is dedicated to any person involved directly or indirectly in Aeronautical domain safety activities. It is particularly tailored for system designers, safety analysts, certification managers, equipment manufacturers or users of plane transportation.

The training course can also be interesting for people working on complex systems in domains other than aeronautic.

The training course can be followed by any person with an engineer education level.



  • Introduction
    • Review of the current level in Safety for aeronautics. Future objectives
    • Regulation aspects
    • Accident examples and associated comments
  • Safety consideration in Civil aviation according to the main parts of an aircraft:
    • Structure
      • Material
      • Loads (aerodynamics, weight, system interaction)
      • Justifications “statics”, “fatigue”, “damage tolerance”
      • Structure testing
    • Systems
      • System design: integration of Safety in the system design process from the concept phase up to certification phase. Review of the different types of system safety studies
      • Particular risk safety studies
      • System installation safety studies
      • Application of the new issue of the ARP 4754A/ED19A to aircraft system development process
    • Engines
      • Safety in design of the engine and power plant
    • Cockpit
      • Human factor consideration in cockpit design
      • Human factor and Safety
      • Example on simulator
  • Safety consideration in other aeronautical domains
    • Military aircraft
    • Helicopters
    • Aircraft weighting less than 5.7 tons
    • UAV
  • In service experience feedback - Lessons learned
    • Airworthiness monitoring
    • Lessons learned process and consideration in aircraft design
  • Conclusion


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE : 12 to 16 June 2023

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,980 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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