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Space, satellites, space vehicles - 2021

Satellite control centers and operations


The aim of this training is to acquire system skills related to the functions, architectures, technologies and performances of the various components of a ground control satellite segment (ground stations, networks, control centers) as well as operations carried out in different phases of a satellite's life.


Training course duration: 3 days (18 hours) including:

  • 15 hours for presentations
  • visits at CNES of a satellite control center and of the Main Control Room.


This training course aims at describing the functions, architecture, technologies and performances of the different subsystems of the control ground segment starting with satellites command and control needs and space-ground interfaces characteristics.

The operation aspects are developed including the different type of orbits and missions.

The emphasis is on technical and operational aspects, taking into account the actual satellites ground systems and the future evolutions.

An illustration is provided by a visit of some CNES facilities.

This training may be a useful complement to the AED17 (SATELLITES TELEMETRY, TRACKING & COMMAND (TT&C) training to learn about ground systems.


Level: Basic

Accessible to any engineer /technicians with knowledge in computer science/telecommunications and/or professional experience in ground systems development or satellite operations.



Ground Segment and Operations Expert, CNES Toulouse.


  • System Aspects
    • Space systems architecture
    • Satellite Mission Phases
    • Satellite Command Control Principles
    • Space-ground Interface : TT&C standards, Radiofrequency and modulations, Localization/tracking techniques
  • Satellite Operations
    • Satellite subsystems and space constraints
    • The different phases : preparation, LEOP and in-orbit acceptance, routine operations, end of life
    • Missions Operations
    • Typical Operation Schedule
    • Operational teams
  • Satellite control Centers
    • Functions, architectures
    • Hardware and Software technologies
    • Design constraints
    • Examples of mission control centers
    • Evolutions and future roadmaps
  • Ground tracking stations
    • Functions, architectures
    • The different components : Antennas and pedestals, tracking chain, reception chain, ingestion, tests, maintenance and servitude means, monitoring and control, Localization techniques
    • Ground stations exemples
  • Ground stations networks
    • CNES multi-mission ground network: functions and services, architecture, operations, cross support example, evolutions and roadmap
    • ICARE communication network: functions, architecture, protocols (CCSDS/SLE,…) remote monitoring and control
    • Roadmap


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE: 22 to 24 November 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,710 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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