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Aeronautical engineering - 2021

Helicopters techniques


This training is addressed to attendees interested by collecting and analyzing the information making them understand the helicopters (rotorcraft), in terms of performances and their current limits.


The training course is 5 days long (34 hours) and consists of:

  • 19 interactive presentations of about 1 h 30
  • visit of a private operators at Paris Heliport
  • visit of Airbus Helicopters at Dugny (from 2016)

The visits are integrated only in the case the training is delivered in Paris-France.


The aim of this training is to provide necessary and basic general knowledge for private or governmental organism employees working in the field of helicopters: as users, as industry (systems, engines, specific systems…) as agencies…

During the course, the presenters are describing the physical phenomena related to helicopters operations and the various key components of the machine. The theoretical development will be limited to the mandatory information to have a good understanding of helicopters performances, their limitations and the ways to progress.

Interactive Discussion between presenters and trainees is a very important part of this course for staff already involved or having to be involved in the technological helicopter area.


Level: Basic

The training is intended for engineers and advanced technicians having basic knowledge in aerodynamic, mechanic and acoustic fields.


Blanche DEMARET:

Former Director of the helicopters program at ONERA 52005-2017)

Former Expert helicopters at DGA (1977-2004)

Delegate Director for Rotorcraft

With the collaboration of AIRBUS HELICOPTERS & ONERA engineers and user representatives.


  • Generalities
    • Helicopters, civil and military markets, industrial actors, operations
  • Aerodynamics
    • Main rotor aero-mechanics
    • Main rotor aerodynamics
    • Fuselage and air intake aerodynamics
    • Global aerodynamic performance of helicopters (power balance, performance calculation)
  • Helicopters concept and architecture
    • Origin of helicopters and associated problems
    • Rotorcraft concepts
    • Helicopters architecture
    • Performance and limits, flight envelope
    • Presizing of an Helicopter
  • Flight mechanics, handling quality
    • Flight mechanics (overall presentation, helicopter trim, maneuverability, stability)
    • Handling qualities
    • New methods
  • Blades technology
    • Technological solutions
    • Manufacturing
  • Dynamics parts and Power transmission
    • Transmisison technologies and main gear box (MGB)
    • Hub technologies for main rotor and rear rotor
  • Vibration
    • Rotorcraft Dynamics and Vibration
    • Antivibration systems
    • Flights Controls and commands Mecanics Techonlogies  
  • Helicopter’s noise
    • Noise sources
    • Ways to Reduce noise emission
  • Regulation, Flyability and helicopter airworthiness certification
    • Flight safety
    • Generalities about civil and military regulations
    • Certification process


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 22 to 26 March 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,790 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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