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Electronic warfare - 2022

Receivers for electronic warfare and electronic counter measures


The purpose of this course is that trainees understand the conception, behavior and performances of EW receivers.


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours).

More than 20 % of the time is dedicated to applications examples.


This course lets you understand concepts central to EW. It is shared in 3 tutorials on:

  • Basic principles
  • Measure and Counter Measures Receivers
  • Information Processing

It delivers a basic working knowledge of the concepts and the techniques deployed in today and near future EW systems.


Level: Basic/Improvement

The course is dedicated to engineers with a basic knowledge of analog and digital signal processing. It is required to have some knowledge of conventional receiving techniques.


Jean-François GRANDIN:

THALES AIRBORNE SYSTEMS Technical Directorate Electronic Warfare Systems Information Processing Expert.


1st PART 
Receivers Basics

  • Analog Signals and spectra
    • Basics: noises, spectra, power
    • Demodulation, Receivers architecture
    • Signal and Noise delivered by Demodulators
    • Non linearity
    • Distortion Intermodulation - interception point
  • Basics on radar
    • Principle, Doppler effect
    • RADAR receiver Architecture

2nd PART 
Measures and Counter Measures Receivers

  • Radar Receivers
    • Practical aspects
    • MF Processing. - Pulse Compression
    • Logarithmic amplification
    • Instantaneous DF - Doppler Filtering
  • Counter Measures Receivers
    • Counter Measures Requirements
    • Instantaneous RF measurement
    • Amplitude DF Interferometry
    • Receivers using Dispersive Delay Lines
    • Analog and Digital Receivers

3rd PART
Information Processing

  • Sorting radar Emissions
    • Measurements and information content
    • Sorting architecture Deinterleaving
    • Processing of multi agile emissions
  • GeoLocation of Radar Emissions
    • Measurements - Isomeasure Curves
    • From Empirical to Mathematical conception of Estimators
    • Examples: Triangulation, DTOA, Differential Doppler
    • GeoLocation of fixed and moving emitters


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 3 to 7 October 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,100 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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