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AED-078 - 2021
AED-079 - 2021
AED-138 - 2021
ARF-005N - 2021
ARF-013N Complex linear dynamical systems - 2021

This trainee is tailored to engineers wishing to enhance their complex linear dynamical systems knowledge. A specific accent is given on their property structure, analysis, with a strong emphasis on model reduction, approximation and identification.

The objective is (i) to give a global, up to date, view of the different dynamical systems cla


sses (properties and specificities), (ii) to describe and provide some numerical tools allowing to treat these systems in a context of very large-scale and infinite dimensional models, and (iii) to allow the dynamical model construction on the basis of experimental data only.

More specifically, the following points will be detailed along the trainee:

  • Go into details of different linear model structures : ODE, DAE, rational and irrational transfer functions (e.g. delayed systems).
  • Get in touch with high dimensional models and inherent complexity.
  • Understand how to construct simple dynamical models from data collected on a simulator or in experiments.
  • Learn how to reduce and approximate large-scale dynamical models.

The presented concepts will be applied on a class chosen use-case or even, a participant problem (if any). An important part of the course is dedicated to the practical application of the concepts through tools developed in MATLAB. The theoretical issues will be present only if participant are interested. This trainee can be viewed as a basis prior any analysis and control lecture.

ELA-032N - 2021
ELT-011N - 2021
FMA-002N - 2021
FMA-014N - 2021
MPC-008N - 2021
MPC-040N - 2021
MPC-041N - 2021
MPC-054N - 2021
SYI-006N - 2021
SYS-026N Safety management system - 2021

In an ever-changing aviation environment, the need to manage safety has never been greater. This training aims to allow participants to learn the principles of the organized approach of a Safety Management System (SMS), its implementation in the context of aircraft maintenance: maximizing opportunities to continuously improve flight safety, accident prevention and risk mitigation.

SYS-036 Architecture of detection systems - 2021

The aim of this training is to enable participants, whether decision-makers or designers of detection systems, to gain an overview of sensors + system integration.

SYS-046N Connected vehicule - 2021

The purpose of this training is to present a wide spectrum of issues and challenges linked to the connected vehicle. Different topics will be addresses using a practical use-case.

TDE-001N - 2021
TDE-002N - 2021
TDE-020N - 2021
TDE-040N - 2021
TDE-041 - 2021
TDE-042N - 2021
TDE-043N - 2021
TDE-044N - 2021
TDE-060N - 2021

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