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Management - 2022

Adaptive intelligence managing with the neurocognitive approach

Engineering management course - Module 1


The course will enable learners to :

  • Acquire an agile approach to management while remaining calm and assertive
  • Develop new resources to manage complexity, uncertainty and the unknown
  • Strengthen their creative abilities and facilitate decision-making
  • Mobilize their interpersonal intelligence to improve their impact, unite their team and position themselves in delicate situations


The course lasts 4 days (28 hours).


This first module of the Engineering Management course enables participants to strengthen their adaptability capabilities - or 'Adaptive Intelligence' - that form the basis of behavioral skills of the 21st Century, also called 'soft skills'.

For this, they must have a better understanding of how they function in order to change how they manage. From the beginning of the training they will have access to neuroscience applied to management to decipher human behavior.

They will be able to use their own adaptability and agility to calmly manage complex situations, develop their creative abilities and streamline their decision-making process.

They will also discover how Adaptive Intelligence applied to interpersonal relations (Relational Intelligence) allows them to develop constructive and assertive relationships with their collaborators.


Course level: Advanced

Experienced managers with 2 to 5 years of management experience of hierarchical and/or operational teams (in project management).



Work Psychologist, Senior Consultant

Institute of NeuroCognitivism (INC).


Making Adaptive Intelligence your best ally in management

Participants will discover the cognitive resources they posses for adapting to new or complex situations.

Skills developed:

  • Adaptation and agility in posture and management in encountered situations
  • Retreat and rationality in periods of tension
  • Openness and creativity to build suitable solutions for emerging issues
  • Reliable decision-making in complex and uncertain situations

Managing while staying calm

Participants will learn how to better manage stress and emotions within the team, and to calmly manage change and complex/uncertain situations.

Skills developed:

  • Detecting stress signals
  • Analyzing sources of reactivity
  • Taking a step back and thinking critically
  • Managing your own emotions and those of your colleagues when facing difficulty
  • Creativity and fluidity in decision-making

Position yourself with assertiveness as a manager within the team

Good management of the emotions in the team will allow them to create the conditions for a constructive dialog with employees, to position themselves as managers/leaders in difficult situations, to be respected while remaining assertive.

Skills developed:

  • Careful listening and understanding of issues in complex and changing situations
  • Managing disagreements constructively and openly
  • Positioning and framing of aggression and power struggles


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 7 to 10 february 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2150 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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