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Ballistics, gun powder and solid propellants - 2021

Interior ballistics


This course will enable learners to gain an overview of interior ballistics, ie all the areas and knowledge required to understand the propulsion of a barrel-action projectile.


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours) and includes:

  • 11 x 1.5-hours lectures
  • Day visit to a state test center and ammunition factory (factory visit linked to manufacturer opportunities); day visit to a research center
  • 1-hour panel discussion


The course is open to anyone interested in the propulsion of a barrel-action projectile at any stage and any caliber.

Lectures provide both a solid theoretical foundation and a useful overview of the specific problems an engineer encounters with design, expertise, simulation or testing.

This course will enable learners trainees to deepen their knowledge and cooperate more fruitfully with ballistics experts they encounter later; it will also enable them to understand the technical choices and compromises behind the sizing of a weapon system and the determining of its performance.


Course level: Basic/Advanced

Course accessible to ENSI-level learners.



Interior Ballistics Expert - DGA Terrestrial Techniques and ISL

Barbara BASCHUNG :

Interior Ballistics Expert at the Institut de Saint-Louis and DGA.


  • Scientific and technical basics
    • Relaxation of gases
    • Properties of powders
    • Thermodynamic codes
  • Modeling of the ballistic engine (barrel action) and calculation codes
    • Basic models
    • One-dimensional models and global parameters; Piobert coefficients and other adaptation factors
    • Two-phase models (two-dimensional behavior of the solid-gas mixture)
  • Test facilities and metrology
    • Instrumented tubes
    • Pressure and temperature sensors
    • Speed measurements
    • Counting and measurement uncertainty
  • Specific issues
    • Standard ignition issues
    • Perspectives offered by electro-thermal chemical Ignition (ETC)
    • Erosivity of the propellant and thermal powders of gun furnace tubes
    • Wear of tubes
  • Specific issues of the ballistician
    • Expertise of a shooting incident
    • Conduct of the program "modular loads"
  • The propulsion function at the core of weapons systems
    • Optimization problems: barrel and maximum powder
    • Ballistic performance and weapon sizing
    • Interior ballistics of small and medium calibers
    • Interior ballistics of telescoped systems
    • Alternatives to powder gun: the missile, the electric launcher


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 6 au 10 décembre 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,400 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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