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Electronic components and equipment, compatibility - 2021

Protection of equipment and systems against adverse electromagnetic influences


This course provides the basic theoretical and practical knowledge to design, implement, or utilize resources or systems in severe electromagnetic environments.


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours) and includes:

  • 16 lectures and 1.5-hours discussion sessions
  • 1 x 3-hours visit to a test laboratory
  • 1 x 1-hour panel discussion


Focus is given to the protection of systems from the effects of the electromagnetic environment.

Particular importance is given to the simultaneous consideration of all agents of the electromagnetic environment in an approach combining digital simulations and tests (virtual prototyping of electromagnetic hardening).


Course level: Basic

Suitable for engineers and technicians with basic knowledge of electricity and electromagnetism (Maxwell equations, transmission lines, antennas).



THALES Gennevilliers

Responsible for the Tempest and Hardening Sensor Competence Center


  • Aggression and electromagnetic environments
    • Lightning
    • Strong fields
    • Electromagnetic pulse of nuclear origin
    • Electromagnetic compatibility, electrostatic discharge, TEMPEST
  • Electromagnetic hardening and industrial processes
    • EMH design
    • Justification of the EMH definition
    • Qualification of the realization of EMH
    • Maintaining EMH
  • Modelization and Electromagnetic coupling
    • Modeling and validation
    • Digital simulation tools
    • Industrial use of digital simulation (examples)
  • Radio security (DREP, DAS...)
  • Radio compatibility
  • System-level testing
    Lightning, Strong Fields, IEM, DES, DRAM
  • Faradization
    • Attenuation (electric field, magnetic field)
    • Treatment of penetrations
    • Technology
    • Correction of integrity defects
    • Specification, control and maintenance of the performance of a Faradized loudspeaker
  • Shielded connections
    • Parameters governing the performance of shielded connection
    • Modeling and calculating a shielded connection
    • Specification, control and maintenance of the performance of a shielded connection
  • Vulnerability of Aircraft (acquired from PEA MOVEA)
    • Zoning Lightning, Strong Fields, Security
    • Modeling, qualifying simulation
  • Wired protection
    • Principles of Protection
    • Protection components
    • Technology
    • Modelization
    • Cases of connection of :
      • Slow speed/high level or low level
      • High speed/high level or low level
      • Examples of each case
  • Vulnerability of equipment with radiated and conducted stresses
    • Vulnerability analysis
    • Susceptibility of components
    • Example of equipment retrofit
    • Contribution of modeling in the qualification
    • Example of desensitized equipment design




Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 22 to 26 November 2021


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,010 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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