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Project management - 2023

Responsiveness/agility in the development of products and services

Adapting the organization, management and operations


The course helps learners:

  • To understand Agile principles and fundamentals and associated issues
  • To grasp the organizational, managerial and operational impacts
  • To share concrete examples from companies developing products and services
  • To anticipate the key success factors of deployment and change
  • To determine the applicability and the level of agility appropriate to the maturity and the stakes of their company


The course lasts 2 days (14 hours) and includes:

  • An exploration of principles and issues in a didactic and fun way (serious game)
  • An overview of methods, tools and approaches to implementation
  • Illustrative examples and feedback from recent achievements
  • Practical situations.


The Agile principles and fundamentals were formalized in the 2000s with the rise in software development and the need to deliver in a short time in a competitive environment where innovation dominates and needs evolve very quickly.

Designers of complex products, services and systems understood the value of the approach but encountered organizational, managerial and operational challenges. How can agility be applied to the entire organization or to a multi-project environment, beyond the software teams?

This course looks at agility in a business transformation dimension, addressing organizational, human, managerial and process impacts. It introduces the traditional Scrum method and extends agility to agile team synchronization issues, timing and convergence of technical decisions, and emphasizes learning.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to establish an Agility roadmap appropriate to the maturity and stakes of their company.


Course level: Basic/Advanced

No prerequisites regarding Agile. This course is intended for improvement and transformation managers, project managers, system architects, heads of competence centers, process/method managers of operations or technical departments.



Senior Manager - Mews Partners - Previously head of Operations in the industry.

With the participation of Gaël Montrignac:

Manager - Mews Partners.

Business speaker on Agile transformation topics.


  • Introduction: what is agility?
    • History and foundational principles of agility from Lean Startup and Agile Software
    • Agility reflexes
    • Applicability: Agile everywhere?
    • Serious games
  • The fundamentals of agility
    • Customer value and voice
    • Visual Management
    • Problem-based learning
    • IT tools
  • Agile teams in Scrum mode
    • The Agile Scrum method
    • Business, product and system vision: Business model, Product backlogs and Product Owners
    • Operations: Operation in Sprints and Agile Ceremonies
  • Pull planning and interface control
    • Identifying dependencies
    • Management of participants external to Agile teams
  • Timing and synchronization of design choices
    • Identification of arbitrations and architectural choices
    • Convergence plan and integration events
  • The organization and the people
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Agile management & leadership
    • Self-organizing teams
    • Opening towards the liberated company
  • The Agile transformation
    • Governance and leadership: simple and advanced approaches (scrum scrum, LeSS, SAFe)
    • Key success factors and change management
    • Agile diagnosis and maturity
    • First steps


Scheduled in French :

PARIS: 27 and 28 March 2023

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,720 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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€1,600 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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