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Missiles, launchers, drones - 2019

Space transport systems design


The purpose of this training is to present the general rules for the space transportation systems' design, being launchers or re-entry vehicles.


The course lasts 10 days (64 hours) on 2 weeks separated by at least 2 week(s) with:

  • General overview
  • 32 presentations of 1h30
  • 4 exercises of 1h
  • 2 factories’ visits on a single day
  • 1 round table 


This training course is going through the various requirements, constraints and the building parts of a space transportation

system :

  • raising the usual issues at each step of the conception,
  • giving main methods used for their solving
  • searching, as a conclusion, a general philosophy for the design and architecture of these space systems.

Practical examples and four dedicated exercises, as well as visits of factories are added to illustrate the theoretical approach.


Level: Improvement

This training course is dedicated to people with a general engineering level and a few years or professional experience in a space domain.


Didier GIGNAC: 

Airbus Safran Launchers

Project Supply Manager for launchers technologies.

Launcher Engineering Manager for Ariane 5 Development and Production previously.


  • General constitution of a launcher or ballistic system
    • Main missions and associated orbits - Keplerian motion and orbital perturbations, corrections and operations -
    • Strengths equations - Command law in powered phase - Trajectory constraints - Characteristic speed of a mission
    • General performances of a launcher - Stages number, loading and thrust optimization
    • Separation technics and systems
  • Liquid propellant propulsion
    • General architecture, kind of propellants, main parts, functional diagram of an engine
    • Propellant storage and transfer, pressurization - Specific issues linked to cryogenic techniques
  • Solid propellant propulsion
    • General architecture, kind of propellants, main parts
    • Propellant storage, thermal protections, nozzle, igniter
  • On board electrical system
    • Main functions - General constitution. .
    • Design principles and hardware architecture - Main parts of sub-systems dedicated to sequential and flight control, safeguard, telemeasurement and power systems
  • Flight Guidance, Navigation, Control
    • Algorithm principles and interfaces with launcher
  • Main structures
    • Load calculations, sizing rules, dynamic behavior
    • Development: analyses, manufacturing,, tests
  • Launchers in the world
    • American, Russian, European, Japanese, Chinese programs
  • Specificity of future launchers, recovery
  • Specificity of re-entry vehicles
    • Ballistic re-entry - gliding re-entry
    • Main consequences on Sub-systems


Schedulded in French:

PARIS: 1st part:  20 to 24 May 2019

PARIS: 2nd part: 17 to 21 June 2019


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€3,550 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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