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Aeronautical engineering - 2019

Introduction to aircraft design


This course will enable anyone working in the aviation industry that does not have technical training (purchasing, financial services, assistants, lawyers, etc.) to gain an understanding in:

  • the issues and difficulties related to aircraft design
  • how an aircraft is developed - from specifications to industrialization
  • who is involved in the process and how they work together.

The course will seek to offer a simple explanation of the physical phenomena involved by minimizing the use of technical or mathematical tools.


The course will take place over 2 days (14 hours):

  • 7 hours of lesson-based learning
  • Guided tour of the Supaero aircraft and the Aeroscopia museum
  • 4 hours of practical work


The training will alternate between lectures, video presentations, practical demonstrations and scenarios to ensure a lively course where discussion between learners will be encouraged. A visit to the Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum will illustrate the content of the course. Practical work will be organized in groups to enable learners to implement the preliminary design of their own aircraft.


Course level: Basic

This course is intended for anyone holding non-technical roles in the aeronautics sector and wishing to acquire basic knowledge of aircraft design.


Christophe CROS:

Airbus Engineer - Former Professor of Aircraft Design at Supaero


Day 1: classroom-based

  • The physics of flying - introduction to the forces involved: weight, thrust, lift and drag
  • Different ways of flying 
  • Different aircraft configurations
  • Introduction to propulsion systems
  • Overview of the civil passenger transport plane with more than 100 seats - from specifications to configuration
  • Introduction to other types of aircraft (military, cargo, light, regional, etc.)
  • Demonstration of Supaero planes: Mirage 3 and Mig 15
  • Passenger aircraft operations
  • The design process - from specifications to industrialization

Day 2: Applications

  • Illustration of the course through a guided tour of the Aeroscopia Aeronautical Museum
  • Engineering office work in small groups: the preliminary design of a transport plane


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE:  Cancelled - Upcoming date, please consult us.


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,150 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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