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Missiles, launchers, drones - 2020

Tactical missiles design


This course will enable learners to complement their knowledge of the main issues related to the design of tactical missiles.


The course lasts 8 days.  

It includes lectures, practical exercises and video aids


This further development course is for engineers involved in relevant projects or the evaluation of tactical missiles; learners will develop their knowledge in the main areas of tactical missile design.

This internship will provide a better understanding of the interactions between the different functions involved in the operation of a tactical missile.

The theoretical bases are addressed, with some mathematical developments necessary for the detailed understanding of the phenomena being studied.


Course level: Advanced

Engineering training. Principles of aerodynamics are desirable; a familiarity with servo systems is required.

A much simpler introductory course is available on the same theme: AED 032.

Course AED 033 can be taken without having to previously complete AED 032.


Maurice MIRANDE :

Civil Engineer in Aeronautics - MS CALTECH
Former Technical Director at MBDF - Head of development of several missiles


  • General information on missile weapon systems
    • System classification
    • Principles of weapons system
  • Missiles
    • Aerodynamic principles applied to missiles

-Flight mechanics - Direct or indirect lift control

-Aerodynamic and maneuvering configurations

    • Piloting
    • Flight guidance (Study of the various guidance modes - remote control, auto-guidance, inertial guidance and GPS)

-Flight guidance laws

-Dynamic behavior

      • Transfer functions of the tracking loop and guided missile; couplings

-Transit distance and required maneuverability

      • Infrared self-guidance systems
      • Electromagnetic self-guidance systems
  • "Destruction" function

-Conventional military loads; different modes of destruction

-Armament and fire safety, proximity and impact rockets

    • "Propulsion" function
  • Deployment-related design constraints
    • Airborne missiles - surface-to-air missiles
    • Anti-ship missiles - Anti-tank missiles
  • Evolution of the threat and conditions of deployment (SEA, LAND AIR issues)
  • Characteristic performance of the weapon system
    • Reaction time
    • Adaptation of an airborne missile
    • Fields of action
    • Principles of reliability, maintainability, service life
    • Main stages of development
  • Examples of weapons systems in service, video illustrations
  • Lecturer-led exercises


Schedulded in French :
PARIS: 1st part from 3 to 6 March, 2020

PARIS: 2nd part from 9 to 12 March 2020


For the English realization: please, consult us.


€3,460 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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