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Aeronautical regulation - certification - quality control - 2020

Airworthiness of state/government aircraft

From design to maintenance


This course will enable learners to gain knowledge and understanding of state aircraft (military and state-used): 

  • The concept of airworthiness
  • The regulatory system
  • The aeronautical authorities

It covers decrees FRA 21 and FRA M, 145, 66, 147. It covers state regulation (decrees, orders and instructions - FRA), as well as the organization set up to apply this regulation (industry members, interactions, etc.).

It is aimed at engineers and managers/supervisors.


The course lasts 3 days (18 hours).


Decree 2013-367 of 29 April 2013 incorporates and adapts the principles of airworthiness, regulations and authorities for French state aircraft (military or state-used) introduced by the Chicago Convention.

The concept of aircraft airworthiness will be explored by monitoring the life of a state aircraft, from design to operation and maintenance: definition and production certification and the retention of certification in terms of operation and maintenance.

The concepts of organizational approval for design, production, operation and maintenance studied in the context of the state.


Course level: Basic/Advanced

All engineers and managers/supervisors from the aeronautical industries; no prior training required in the field.


Philippe JEAN:

Former Head of the Airworthiness Division at the DGA


  • Understanding the concept of airworthiness of state aircraft and within the regulatory context
    • Overview of general legislation regarding airworthiness and the regulation of state aircraft.
      • Decree 2013-367 regarding the rules of use, airworthiness and registration.
      • Order of 3 May 2013 setting out the powers of the technical and employment authorities.
      • Order of 3 May 2013 setting out the conditions for issuing, maintaining, amending, suspending or withdrawing type certificates.
      • Order of 3 May 2013 setting out the rules of registration.
  • FRA: Exploration of what it means to establish airworthiness through:
    • Design:
      • Type certificate definitions
      • Supplement to the type certificate
      • Ministerial instructions setting out requirements and additional airworthiness provisions
      • Stages of type certification, content of the type certificate, obligations of the certificate holder, manuals, modifications and repairs
      • Design organization approval: eligibility of organizations, airworthiness offices/departments, design assurance systems, privileges
    • Production:
      • Study of production organization approval: accreditation criteria, accreditation contexts, assessment, accreditation terms, privileges
      • Airworthiness certification
  • FRA: exploration of what "maintaining airworthiness" means through:
    • The airworthiness maintenance process:
      • The concept of a maintenance program, airworthiness directives, bulletin service.
      • Approvals of maintenance management organizations
    • Maintenance operations:
      • Structure and roles of maintenance organizations
      • Maintenance organization specification manuals
      • Maintenance quality assurance
    • Approval for re-commissioning


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 2 to 4 June 2020


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,710 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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