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Missiles, launchers, drones - 2022

Infrared guidance systems for tactical missiles


This course will enable traisnees to acquire knowledge in the different areas related to the design of infrared guidance for missile, the benefits and limitations related to their design, the problems arising from their integration in a missile and the performance capabilities which can be expected taking into account the latest technological developments.


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours).

It includes lectures, practical exercises and video aids.


The reason behind application of infrared technology to tactical missiles is mainly the much sought-after advantage of a passive and therefore discreet-mode operation as well as its accuracy capability. This course is intended for engineers working in the field of infrared missiles or Armed Forces personnel involved in maintenance or in writing specifications for an operational requirement. All issues relating to infrared guidance are covered.


Course level: Advanced

Engineering background.

To benefit fully from this course, a general knowledge about tactical missiles is recommended.

Knowledge of feedback contol is strongly recommended.


Maurice MIRANDE :

Former Technical Director at MBDF


  • Physics of infrared radiation
    • Basic laws of radiation
    • Radiation: targets and ambient background
    • Atmospheric transmission
    • Spectral band selection
  • Constitution of an IR homing head
    • Radiation focussing
    • Irdome and the related issues
    • Modern IR detectors and their evolution, cooling problems, cryostat
    • Error signal measurement - Signal processing for hotspot homing head and imaging systems
    • Line of sight stabilization
  • Detection range of IR seekers
  • IR missile guidance
    • Principles of missile guidance
    • Proportional navigation
  • Overview of IR honning heads
  • Laser homing - examples of semi-active laser-guided and beam riding missiles
  • Susceptibility to countermeasures
    • Principle of countermeasures
    • Existing countermeasures and their evolution
  • Comparison of IR/EM missiles
  • Video demonstrations
  • Lecturer-led exercises
  • Quiz
  • Rownd table


Schedulded in French :
PARIS: 14 to 18 March 2022


For the English realization: please, consult us.


€2,520 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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