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Aeronautical engineering - 2022

Helicopter engines: helicopter technologies and integration


This training is intended for listeners wishing to acquire the operating principles, to know the available technologies, and the particularities related to helicopter engines. This training aims to provide the general knowledge necessary for people who use helicopters or work in fields closely affecting the helicopter on the industrial, operational, official services or R&T side, thus allowing to have a global vision of performance and issues devices capable of landing or taking off vertically and capable of hovering.

Skills developed during the internship:

- Understand the overall operation of the helicopter and the requirements for the engine

- Understand the operation of the aircraft engine and specifically that of the helicopter

- Understand the complexity of physical phenomena and their consequences on the technologies implemented

- Identify the limitations of helicopter engine performance

- Identify solutions and ways of progress

- Measure in addition the constraints of integration to the device and the impact of noise pollution

NOTE: This "HELICOPTERS ENGINES" course can usefully be supplemented by the "HELICOPTERS TECHNIQUES" course, which gives a vision of all the technologies related to the helicopter with the same spirit and the same objective (AED 019 course) .


The course lasts 5 days (30 hours).


During the course, the facilitator will describe the physical phenomena related to the operation of the helicopter and its various components, limiting theoretical developments to what is necessary for understanding the performance capability of the helicopter, its limitations and its potential for progress. Discussion with learners is an important element of this training, aimed at staff already involved or required to be involved in helicopter technology. Where possible, program-related visits are organized.  


Course level: Basic

The course is intended for senior engineers and technicians with basic knowledge of aerodynamics, thermodynamics and aeronautics.


Blanche DEMARET:

Ex-director of the Helicopters Program at ONERA.

STAKEHOLDERS: from the industrial world (Safran Engine Helicopters, Airbus Helicopters) and Research (ONERA)


  • General information on helicopters, mission, uses, helicopters market and helicopter engines market
  • Overall operation of the helicopter

* Aero-mechanics of the helicopter

* Helicopter architecture

* Overall power balance

             * General principles of helicopter flight mechanics and dimensioning cases for motorization

  • Helicopter engines

* Principles and orders of magnitude

* Thermodynamic cycle

* Different engine types

  • Noise
  • Aerodynamics of compressors and helicopter turbines
  • Combustion chambers and polluting emissions
  • Regulation of the helicopter turbine engine :

* Engine command and control

* Regulation

* Power transfer

  • Engine integration

* Specificities of operation and use

* Specification related to engine maintenance and impact on the geometry of the aircraft

* Machine Engine Interactions

             * Certification process


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE:  3 to 7 October 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2,800 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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