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Informatic networks and systems - 2022

New generation embedded avionics networks


The objective of this course is to give the keys to understand the New-Generation Embedded Avionics Networks, such as the AFDX (Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet).


The course is 3-days long and contains both theoretical and practical sessions:

  • 10 courses of 1 hour and half, giving an experience feedback from both the academic and the industrial world
  • 3 “case studies” sessions


The new-generation embedded networks are often derived from Local Area Networks that weren’t intended for Real-Time use. This not only means that mechanisms had to be added to provide the properties of Determinism and Quality of Service that are mandatory for Avionics usage, but also that the analysis techniques are fundamentally different than the ones deployed for classic avionics buses.

This notion of Determinism is central to the understanding of the modern avionics networks, and will appear naturally and progressively during the course.


Level: Advanced

This course is intended for engineers willing to improve their understanding of embedded networks: attendants should already have a basic knowledge in networks and computer systems.


Professor at ISAE-Supaéro


  • An history of embedded avionics networks
    • Characteristics of classic avionics buses, of the mono-emitter kind (ARINC 429)
    • 1st-generation multiplexed buses, of the command / response kind (MIL STD 1553)
    • Limits of the 1st-generation avionics buses
  • Quality of Service in Local Area Networks and Embedded Networks
    • Differentiating asynchronous and synchronous traffic (FDDI)
    • 2nd-generation multiplexed buses (ARINC 629)
    • Switched Ethernet and the new-generation ARINC 664    (e.g. AFDX)
  • Performance analysis of embedded networks using deterministic calculations
    • Introducing the notion of an upper bound on a network traversal time
    • Limits of worst-case approaches
    • Notion of traffic envelope, and network model
    • The Network Calculus tool
  • Case studies
    • ARINC 629
    • Intuitive Switched Ethernet calculations
  • “Practical” AFDX
    • Feedback and lessons learnt from the Airbus A380 AFDX


Scheduled in French:

TOULOUSE: 4 to 6 April, 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,540 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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