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Electronic warfare - 2022

COMINT electronic warfare

Monitoring, locating and disabling telecommunications


This course aims to outline the fundamental concepts of COMINT Electronic Warfare or COMINT EW.

The three main areas of COMINT EW are covered:

  • Identifying and listening to signals
  • The direction of arrival, then the location
  • The jamming of communication signals.


The course lasts 3 days (18 hours).

Examples of applications are given throughout the course.


Without entering into the theory of signaling and information, this course aims to outline the basic principles of COMINT EW, the associated techniques and the information that it can provide.

The course first outlines the history of COMINT EW and covers the basics of telecommunication systems and their impact on the principles of COMINT EW.

These three areas of COMINT EW are then presented through multiple examples. Future concepts are also addressed in each of the areas.


Course level: Basic/Advanced

Course for engineers who know the basics of signal processing and telecommunications.


Philippe VIRAVAU:

Head of the Technical Analysis Center for Electronic Warfare. Technical Expert in Transmission Analysis


Day 1

  • Introduction and basics of COMINT EW
    • History of COMINT EW
    • Summary of telecommunications systems
    • Overview of telecommunications systems and trends
    • Basic functions in COMINT EW
  • Electromagnetic countermeasures
    • Operational uses
    • Liaison report, J/S
    • Usual ECM functions
    • Smart ECM functions
    • General architecture of a sensor
    • Future ECM resources

Day 2

  • Identifying and listening
    • Technical analysis
    • Signal detection
    • Signal separation
    • Signal conditioning
    • Recognition and identification of systems
    • Demodulation
    • Code analysis and channel decoding
    • Access to information
    • New demodulation techniques and trends

Day 3

  • Goniometry and radiolocation
    • Main techniques of goniometry finding/location
    • Structure of goniometric products
    • Segmentation/interception/detection
    • Goniometric processing
    • Extraction/tracking of emissions
    • Examples of scenarios
    • New goniometric/location and trend techniques


Scheduled in French:

PARIS: 5 to 7 September 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1,670 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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