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Management - 2022

Identifying and evaluating your organization's key knowledge


This course is for Knowledge Managers or anyone tasked with developing human capital and interested in knowledge management. The purpose of this course is to encourage professionals wishing to target knowledge management actions to determine the most appropriate using asset criticality analysis.


The course lasts 1 day (7 hours).


Knowledge management (KM) brings together all the initiatives, methods and techniques to perceive, identify, analyze, organize, capture, memorize, restore on demand and share all the knowledge produced and accumulated by an organization. In the face of reorganizations, turnover, restructuring and retirement of experienced employees, knowledge and skills are set to suffer a loss. To prevent the company from rebuilding any lost expertise or re-inventing the wheel, effective knowledge management is now a critical issue in order to gain a competitive advantage and boost innovation.


Course level : Basic

Aimed at : anyone interested in managing the asset of knowledge and skill in organizations



Consultant Manager KM Ardans.


  • Introduction
    • Preface
    • Benefit of knowledge management
    • Some vocabulary elements
    • The facets of the issue
  • Overview of the evaluation process and identification of the key knowledge for assessing the level of criticality
    • Criticality: definition and approach
    • Benefit of knowledge mapping
    • Importance of criticality analysis
  • Building the knowledge map


  • Methodology of identifying and mapping knowledge
    • Identifying all business domain knowledge and associated skills
    • Defining knowledge, expertise and interpersonal skills
  • Constructing the criticality criteria grid
    • Overview and selection of the most relevant criteria
    • Definition of the possible values of each criterion
    • Constructing the criticality evaluation grid
  • Mapping analysis by identifying the level of criticality
    • Criticality evaluation according to the chosen grid
  • Setting out an action plan
    • Planning of resources, deadlines and actions to be undertaken in order to implement good knowledge management
  • Alternation of methodological lectures and practical exercises from real cases


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 21 September 2022

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€550 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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