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Management - 2022

IA : managing knowledge and expertise to build knowledge-based systems


This course is intended for learners wishing to acquire the essential basics and tools of knowledge management (KM) to establish the asset of knowledge and expertise of a business domain, or a number of roles that contribute to a business, and to build knowledge-based systems.

The purpose of this course is to encourage professionals to design structured business references to establish the asset of relevant knowledge within a specific situation.


The course lasts 3 days (21 hours).


Knowledge management (KM) brings together all the initiatives, methods and techniques to perceive, identify, analyze, organize, capture, memorize, restore on demand and share all the knowledge produced and accumulated by an organization. In the face of reorganizations, turnover, restructuring and retirement of experienced employees, knowledge and skills are set to suffer a loss. To prevent the company from rebuilding any lost expertise or re-inventing the wheel, effective knowledge management is now a critical issue in order to gain a competitive advantage and boost innovation.


Course level : Basic

Aimed at : anyone interested in managing the asset of knowledge and skill in organizations.



Consultant Manager KM Ardans.


  • Definition and challenges of knowledge management
    • Academic and scientific pointers
    • General points
    • Terminology associated with the domain
    • Strategic issues
  • Identifying knowledge requirements and organizing work
    • Key points of capitalization
    • Identifying the challenges of capitalization
    • Defining objectives and the scope of the domain
    • Defining the business framework
    • Preparing/organizing data/info collection interviews
  • Implementation steps and possible organizations
    • Consolidated framework and omega cycle
    • 'As and when required' and cycle validation
    • Importance of drivers and POC (proof of concept)
  • Initiating structuring based on an initial understanding of the domain
    • Defining the common language and the classification/referencing tree view
    • Identifying types of knowledge for the domain
    • Expressing expectations of users and managers through collaborative structuring
  • Mastering the stages of the capitalization cycle
    • Conducting the collection interviews
    • Writing elements of knowledge
    • Validating and enriching live elements of knowledge
  • Alternation of methodological lectures and practical exercises from real cases


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 28 to 30 september 2022


For the English realization, please, consult us.


€1450 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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