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Management - 2022

Managing transformation with the neurocognitive approach

Engineering management course - module 3


This training will enable participants to develop their managerial skills through a pragmatic and innovative approach, drawing on the organization of work and its processes:

  • To design organization and processes that are compatible with human nature
  • Create and set the conditions for successful change
  • Assist employees in the process of transformation to get them to adhere and to engage them in a sustainable way


The course lasts 4 days (28 hours).


This 3rd module of the Engineering Management training course will focus on the organization of work and its central role in change processes. Participants will be invited to consider with hindsight and openness the challenges of transformation that any manager has to implement within the framework of their duties.

Through reflection and complex practical cases, participants will organize work consistently in order to optimize the individual and collective performance of their team.

Participants will use different tools (individual, relational, organizational) to build a process of transformation. They will measure their limits by practicing with practical cases to identify and put in place the conditions for successful change.


Course level: Advanced

Experienced managers with 2 to 5 years of management experience of hierarchical and/or operational teams (in project management).



Work Psychologist, Senior Consultant

Institute of NeuroCognitivism (INC)


The human being at the heart of the company

Participants will expand their scope of involvement in order to understand the impact of the system and organization on their own commitment to work and that of their team.

Skills developed:

  • Identification and correction of dysfunctions and inconsistencies in the organization of work
  • Co-construction of a coherent, motivating and balanced organization
  • Framing and prevention of counterproductive behavior in and out of the team

Accompanying a smooth transformation

It will help managers to build a methodology to support transformation, aligned with their leadership, the capabilities of their employees and the challenges of the organization.

Through a complex practical case, they will need to mobilize their knowledge, their experiences and be creative to face the specific problems of a process of change.

Skills developed:

  • Ability to make your team adhere to change
  • Mobilizing collective intelligence for the project
  • Constructive management of individual and collective resistance through adapted communication
  • Adaptability in the on-the-job implementation of processes and actions


Scheduled in French:

PARIS : 7 to 10 June 2022

For the English realization, please, consult us.


€2150 excluding tax (20% VAT)

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