Highly qualified trainings

Image flottante Eurosae provides professional trainings for qualified engineers working in the aeronautics, space, defense, security and shipbuilding industry.
250 trainings from our training catalog are available in our facilities in Paris and Toulouse.
Customers’ in house trainings can also be organized on demand. About 80 are organized yearly.
Some of our trainings include either workshops or assembly lines or test facilities visits.
These visits give to the trainees a practical overview of the hardware applications linked with the theory.


3 locations

In Issy-les-Moulineaux, at the gateway of Paris.
In Toulouse, on the site of ISAE-SUPAERO, French leader in aeronautical and space trainings.
In Palaiseau, on the site of ENSTA ParisTech, French expert of complex systems applied to the energy and transport.

Trainings tailor to your business

Inter trainings, 200 programmes from our catalogue for multi-companies groups, for sharing ideas and experiences.
Classical in-house trainings: at your request, identical to a programme from our catalogue, specially made for your group.
Specific in-house trainings: customised to respond better to your business needs and to share a culture.

A developed educational content, oriented by an enhancement process

EUROSAE relies on an enhancement process, where his customers are represented, in order to get its trainings in line with the development of the industrial context, techniques and technologies.
EUROSAE s’appuie sur son Conseil de Perfectionnement, où sont présents ses grands clients, pour orienter ses formations en adéquation avec l’évolution du contexte industriel et celle des techniques et technologies.

Expert trainers, specialists in their fields

EUROSAE trainings are entrusted to more than 200 animators "specialists in their fields" each of them bringing their teaching skills, their broad experience, their knowledge and their knowledge of the industrial environment.
For their achievement, these facilitators are themselves called for more than 500 experts performers, in order to take advantage of their expertise.
This organization, highly oriented towards the world of work, is the guarantee of our trainers quality.

A motivated team at your service

Our permanent team controls the running of daily activities, including: the promotion of trainings, their organization, their quality control, their administration, in order to offer you the best service.
EUROSAE trainings are the result of a successful partnership between its facilitators who bring their experience and knowledge, and the permanent team who brings his know-how.

A continuous assessment guarantee of quality

We assess each training course, based on the participants' notices. These notices are noted an appraisal grid based on 12 criteria. The synthesis of these notices is handled jointly with our facilitators.
We are proud to display an overall satisfaction rate greater than 95% *

. * Statistics monitored continuously, in line with our quality procedures, based on a slippery period of 12 months

Our certification

Certification ISO 9001 2008

EUROSAE is certified according to the requirements of ISO 9001 2008 for:

"Organization and implementation of continuing education activities"

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